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Split walking Tour Croatia



This is unique and the most authentic of all of our tours … live for a few hours as real Splitians do, find out their habits and discover what they usually do in a “day per day” routine!

We will start this tour having a morning coffee in a place where Splitians usually go … the original Splitians are known as “lazy people” – they usually enjoy their coffee for more than 2 hours, which is always a bit less than the ancient Greeks did :)) …

They like talking about politics, social life, they are the best connoisseurs of all kinds of sports (Hajduk football team is much better than Real Madrid, Milan, Bayern, Liverpool, and Barcelona all together!), only the local Dalmatian food has a good taste and Split is the most beautiful town in the World! Please do not argue about this with them on this tour, it would never end! Of course, you will just hear the story about all of this from our guide and probably discover yourselves what we mean and what we are talking about, but in any case, our coffee starter won’t last more than 20 minutes … we need to discover where does the “lazy Splitian” go after the “short coffee break”. The TOUR (originally ĐIR – “jeer”) is something that locals never miss; You need to walk around on a well-known daily life itinerary, stop to say hello and have a few words with everybody you even slightly know, always remembering that it is very important to see and to be seen!

This is all mostly about the male Splitians; women usually work, they are at hair dresser’s, manicuring or pedicuring or they stay at home with children and wait for the ingredients to be brought by man, to begin with the preparation of lunch if they are the “lazy ones” … but when does the male Splitian turn back home (if he ever does …)?

If it happens that you are on this tour on Saturday morning you will see a completely different picture of it all … the female population is dominant and the streets of Split (mainly the Promenade) are one huge online stage of fashion show comparable only to Milan and Paris!
No kidding, this is all true … but in the meantime, we have lost our male Splitian …

It is almost 11 o’clock (male Splitian’s time, not our tour time!) and our “lazy hero” is at the bazaar (“Pazaar”), a huge open-air Greenmarket with vendors from hinterland and the islands selling all kinds of vegetables, fruit, meat, bread, honey, herbs, … all local and organic! It is the biggest bazaar in Croatia, the offer is much larger than demand and the “lazy Splitian” has an easy job to spare some money bargaining for what’s coming next … After hard work at the bazaar, the local meets his friend fellows for a breakfast – yes we know, it is not a breakfast you are familiar with, this is another kind of breakfast, it is called MARENDA here – you start with a glass of local wine, beer or a domestic spirit (usually Travarica or another kind of local grappa), a slice of smoked Dalmatian prosciutto, a piece of sheep’s cheese from the island of Pag (the best one in Croatia, and in the World according to Splitians), a few olives from the island of Brac … and if you are still hungry afterwards you order first another beverage waiting for a “lazy waitress” to bring you dish of the day (which is always something different but always something local and traditional! … and somewhat heavy for the time being, but we didn’t say it!). It all takes place in KONOBA, a traditional Dalmatian style “trattoria” or a kind of local restaurant if you prefer!

Now, seriously, (though we were not joking at all till now), we will have a coffee at the local coffee bar in the morning, we will walk around the narrow streets of the old town and you will see all the main attractions in the city (some of them the “lazy local” has never seen at all, but he knows everything about it!), we will walk to the bazaar and we will finally end at the KONOBA in the old city center to taste the local food and drinks.

After the “short break” for breakfast and before heading back home, the Splitian usually goes to the fish market just a few minutes before closing (as he knows that the prices in that time are the most convenient?!) – after two minutes of bargaining, he already has his lunch in the pocket … with the bags plenty of local organic vegetables, fruit and fish he idly turns back home – by foot!

This is only a half of the story and half of the “daily life in a standard Splitian family” – the truth is that the 50% of “lazy heroes” don’t go to the fish market! They stay at KONOBA for a little bit more, singing, having another tour of prosciutto, cheese and wine … and when it's the latest time to go (usually after the 3rd phone call from the house) they simply GO – a short stop at the local market or at the butcher’s just around the corner from the home to buy some organic (or less organic) meat and all in time to have a great lunch with the family!

What kind of Splitian are you?

After the “breakfast” at konoba we can either go to the fish market or stay in konoba for bit more ... it is all up to you!


The extension of the tour is recommended only for the “real Splitians”, active and lazy at the same time: After time in konoba (or ending on the Fishmarket) we will leave you to have an afternoon rest (until 5 or 6 pm depending on how much “lazy Splitian” you are). Next, we meet again and go to Bacvice sandy beach to learn everything about PICIGIN! - traditional “having fun” sport invented and played only by the Splitians – did you know that exists also the “World Picigin Championship” ?. After having some fun enjoying sport activities we can proceed with what Splitians like the best – having some more fun drinking and eating good food! We’ll stay at one of the local bars near the beach to have an appetizer and enjoy the sunset after which we will head to the local konoba for a traditional Dalmatian peka. What is peka? That is the best meal you are ever going to have! Choose whatever you like (chicken, lamb, veal, octopus, pork, vegetables, …) and make it cooked and baked in traditional Dalmatian way, under the lid! Stay with us and enjoy … SAMO POLAKO … DI JE PRIŠA? (Easy going!) and NEMA PROBLEMA (no worries or problems at all!).

Please note that the “Lazy” Splitian is actually not lazy at all, this is a 55+ year old guy with traditional Dalmatian moustaches, already retired but in a pretty good shape, a walking Wikipedia who knows everything about everything and everybody; he always drinks both, white and red wine, mixed with water, natural or sparkling whatever, he prefers the smallest fish to the biggest lamb, pork or other meat, he likes singing and hanging with his friends, the family is above all but he has a better relation with his mother rather than with his father, he is also his mother’s in law “hero”, but most of all, everything he does, he does it slowly, … very slowly … Samo polako, di je priša!


Please note


This is a private Split walking tour: only you and/or your group will be attending it, no other persons will be joining the tour. Departure time and date, as well as the pace of the tour, can easily be adjusted according to your personal preferences.


Tour time: Approx. 3 h 30 min - 4 h




Upon agreement
Recommended departure time
9 a.m.


Meeting point

At the end of the main promenade (Riva) = in front of the Church St. Francis = on the address: Trg Franje Tuđmana 1: click here to see the map

If you arrive with a cruise ship, our guide will meet you in the port, the closest possible to your ship.

If you’re staying in the center of Split or nearby, the guide can meet you in front of your accommodation address.


Additional information


On this tour, there are no additional fees or entrance tickets. We highly recommend you to provide yourself with refreshments (water) before the start of the tour as temperatures in Split are almost always over 30 C during high season (July and August).

prices authentic

prices authentic extended

included in the price


VAT, licensed and experienced English speaking local guide

not included in the price

Food and beverages (approx. 2 EUR / coffee, 10-12 EUR / person traditional Dalmatian marenda at konoba - traditional tavern; traditional dinner 20-25 EUR / person).


Payments & Conditions

Paying for the tour is upon arrival, on the beginning of the tour, in cash, in EUR or in HRK (according to Croatian National Bank official exchange rate; approx. 1 € = 7,5 HRK).

For traditional dinner the reservation is necessary - please contact us for the offers and menu. In this case, 25% of the price due upon reservation to secure your tour and reservation (by bank transfer or via PAYPAL, additional 10% of the anticipation cost); 75% to be paid in cash at the beginning of the tour, in cash, in EUR or in HRK (according to Croatian National Bank official exchange rate; approx. 1 € = 7,5 HRK).


attractions on authentic split walking tour

Attractions on THE Authentic Split Walking Tour:

Roman Emperor Diocletian's Palace, built more than 1.700 years ago; today the world heritage site protected by UNESCO


Diocletian's Palace Walls and Gates: Golden, Iron, Brass, and Silver Gate - Vestibul - Perystile - St. Domnius Cathedral - Temple of Jupiter - Diocletian’s Palace substructure halls (cellars) - Cardo and Decumanus street


Outside the Palace: Main square (Piazza) - Fruit square - Promenade (Riva) - Remains of the Benedictine monastery of St. Eufemia - Statue of Gregory of Nin - Bazaar - Fishmarket

Attractions on THE Extended Authentic Split Walking Tour:


Everything included in Authentic Split Walking Tour + extension: visit of Bačvice sandy beach and traditional dinner in a traditional Dalmatian tavern.


recommended to:

Authentic Split Walking tour is recommended for visitors interested in:

- History and development of the town of Split.

- Local habits, customs, tradition and daily life of local people.


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This is a unique and the most authentic of all of our tours … live for a few hours like the real Splitians do! Attractions on this tour: Roman Emperor Diocletian's Pala...
3 hr 30 min

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