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Split Walking Tour Diocletian Palace
Split Walking Tour
Split Walking Tour
Split Walking Tour
Split Walking Tour
Split Walking Tour
Split Walking Tour
Split Walking Tour

private group tours for 25+ persons also available for this tour



Private Tours Only
Tour time
approx. 2,5 hours
120 € / tour



Extended Split Walking Tour (13)
Extended Split Walking Tour (17)
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Extended Split Walking Tour (3)
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Split walking Tour Croatia


This tour is an extension of the Classic Split Walking Tour including all major attractions in the city center: Diocletian's Palace and the old town of Split - listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. In addition to the traditional Classic Split tour, the Extended one foresees the entrances to the most interesting sights inside Diocletian's Palace:

St. Domnius Cathedral - one of the oldest cathedrals in the world, with its magnificent interior - actually a small museum.

Substructure halls of Diocletian's Palace - the unique basement complex that witnesses today the original size of the palace together with the above chambers, where famous Roman emperor was enjoying his retirement days.

Temple of Jupiter / Baptistery of St. John - built inside the Palace as Diocletian considered the highest Roman god, Jupiter, to be his divine father. Later, transformed into Christian baptistery, this temple became one of the best-preserved remains from the ancient period of Split.

The entrance to St. Domnius bell tower (60 meters high) can also be programmed during this tour, as the substitution of one of the entrances or as the additional tour opportunity. From the peak of the bell tower, you can enjoy a spectacular scenario over Diocletian's palace, old houses, the port of Split and nearby islands! The cost of the ticket is 7 € / person. Please note: there are lots of stairs and dizzy heights, therefore this option is not recommended to everybody.

attractions on the extended split walking tour:

On the Extended Split Walking Tour you will see:

Roman Emperor Diocletian's Palace, built more than 1.700 years ago; today the world heritage site protected by UNESCO.

Diocletian's Palace Walls and Gates: Golden, Iron, Brass, and Silver Gate - Perystile - St. Domnius Cathedral - Temple of Jupiter - The Substructure halls (cellars) - Cardo and Decumanus street

Outside the Palace: Main square (Piazza) - Fruit square - Promenade (Riva) - Marmont's street - Republic square (Prokurative) - Remains of the Benedictine monastery of St. Eufemia - Statue of Gregory of Nin

recommended to:

Extended Split Walking tour is recommended for visitors interested in:

  • Getting general information about Split, Diocletian's Palace and life outside its walls throughout centuries.

  • Learning more about: St. Domnius Cathedral, Temple of Jupiter and Substructure halls of the palace.


This walking tour is recommended to all visitors staying in Split for a short period of time, as well as for cruise ship visitors. During the tour, we are visiting: Diocletian's Palace substructure halls, St. Domnius Cathedral and Temple of Jupiter (additional payment for entrance tickets). Also, climb on the Belltower to enjoy great view can be included in the tour (additional payment for entrance ticket). Nevertheless, if you are not interested in visiting these sites, please consider our Classic Split Walking Tour.

Please note


This is a private Split walking tour: only you and/or your group will be attending it, no other persons will be joining the tour. Departure time and date, as well as the pace of the tour, can easily be adjusted according to your personal preferences.


Tour time: Approx. 2 h 30 min




Upon agreement
Recommended departure times:
10 a.m. and 5 p.m.


Meeting point


At the end of the main promenade (Riva) = in front of the Church St. Francis = on the address: Trg Franje Tuđmana 1: click here to see the map

If you arrive with a cruise ship, our guide will meet you in the port, the closest possible to your ship.

If you’re staying in the center of Split or nearby, the guide can meet you in front of your accommodation address.


Additional information


On this tour, there are entrance tickets to St. Domnius Cathedral, Diocletian's Palace Substructure halls and Temple of Jupiter / Baptistery of St. John. According to your personal preferences, a variation of this tour with the entrance to St. Domnius Bell Tower can also be organized. We highly recommend you to provide yourself with refreshments (water) before the start of the tour as temperatures in Split are almost always over 30 C during high season (July and August).


Included in the Price


VAT, licensed and experienced English speaking local guide


Not Included in the Price


Entrance tickets:


Cathedral of St. Domnius and Temple of Jupiter: all together - 8 € / person 


Substructure halls: 7 € / person


Optional: St. Domnius Bell Tower: 7 € / person


Payments & Conditions

Paying for the tour is upon arrival, on the beginning of the tour, in cash, in EUR. Entrance tickets are bought on the spot, before entering the listed sites.


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FREE CANCELLATION: Flexible cancellation Policy: You can cancel your tour free of charge at any time. We want to keep you have maximum flexibility of cancellation; However, if you need to cancel your tour reservation, please send us a notification at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled departure so that we can reschedule our activities.

PAY WHEN YOU ARRIVE: No pre-payments required! Pay when you arrive, at the start of your walking tour.

Insight to the most important sights in the old core of the town. Inlcludes entrance to the substructure halls, Cathedral of St. Domnius and Temple of Jupiter. Attractio...
Extended Split
2 hr 30 min
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
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