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Shopping in Split

Everything you need to know about shopping in Split: malls, department stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, superstores, markets, fish market, green market, bakeries, butchers, kiosks, tickets, souvenirs. The main reference spots for shopping in Split are the 3 large shopping centers (malls): Joker, City Center one and the Mall of Split.

All the malls and larger hypermarkets and superstores are located out of the city center and can be reached mainly by car or by bus. In the city center, on the other hand, there are plenty of “smaller format” stores, including groceries (supermarkets and markets), fish market, green market, bakeries, butchers and kiosks. If you are looking for shopping fashion, sportswear, shoes, and other “non food” articles, the best references are still the malls, though, in the center of Split you may find a great number of small shops, all over the old town and the nearby area.

Please note that for shopping in Split you will need to use the Croatian kuna (HRK), the official currency in Croatia. If you need to change money in Split, the recommended places are the exchange offices in the city center as they offer the best exchange ratio for any of International currencies. See more at the related post: Where to change money in Split. In the malls and in all other retail stores (groceries as well as at the kiosks, bus and ferry tickets sailing points) you can use your credit or debit card, meanwhile for shopping at the green market, fish market, at bakeries and butchers, as well as at the private stands, you need to use cash payment only.

Map of shopping in Split

On our map you can see the exact location of main shopping places in the city of Split and nearby: Map of shopping in Split

#1 Malls

In Split, there are essentially 3 modern, large malls that are equal to those you can find in other West European countries. These malls offer everything you might need; from shopping fashion, kids, food, entertainment and other kind of goods (including food), up to a number of bars, restaurants and entertainment facilities.

Joker, Put Brodarice 6

City Center One, Vukovarska ul. 207

Mall of Split, ul. Josipa Jovića 93

Other shopping centers are smaller and the format is more similar to department store, rather than to the mall; the offer is limited to a few stores only, but on the other hand, in these centers you might find some stores you can’t find elsewhere.

Salona mall, Ul. Antuna Gustava Matoša 10, 21210, Solin

Prima grad, Kazališna Poljana BB

Prima 3, Ul. Ruđera Boškovića 18A

Emezzeta Shopping Mall, Cesta dr. F. Tuđmana 7 21212, Kaštel Sućurac


The main retailers in Split (and in Croatia as well) are Konzum, Plodine and Tommy (national) & Lidl, Interspar and Kaufland (international). In addition to these, there are other “smaller” retailers, focused mainly on supermarkets and markets (smaller stores), among which the most important ones in Split are Ribola, Victa and Studenac.

#2 Hypermarkets & superstores

Lidl: Nikole Tesle 16 A, Put Lore 4, Poljička cesta 37, Hektorovićeva 38 C (Solin)

Kaufland: 114.Brigade 6

Interspar: Vukovarska 207 (City Center One), Josipa Jovića 93 (Mall of Split), Cesta dr. Franje Tuđmana 7, 21212 Kaštel Sućurac (Emezetta shopping center).

Konzum: Kralja Držislava 22, Put Stinica 1, Ul. Antuna Gustava Matoša 10, 21210, Solin (Salona Mall).

Plodine: Put Supavla 15, Put Pazdigrada 5

Tommy: Put Brodarice 6 (Joker mall), Ulica Matice hrvatske 1, Ulica Ruđera Boškovića 18A, Ulica Domovinskog rata 93, Žnjanska ulica 4.

#3 Groceries (Supermarkets and Markets)

Konzum: Branimirova Obala 2, Kraj Sv. Marije 2, Svačićeva 2-4, Vladimira Nazora 22, Stari Pazar 2, Frankopanska 28, Table 33, Pojišanska 3, Sukoišanska 28, Domovinskog rata 24

Tommy: Dražanac ulica 46b, Matoševa 29, Zoranićeva 5, Trumbićeva Obala 5, Trg Hrvatske bratske zajednice 4, Slavićeva ulica 15, Hrvojeva 2, Zagrebačka ulica 37, Držićeva 1, Ulica Sv. Petra 44, Tolstojeva 32, Gundulićeva 33, Mažuranićevo šetalište 24a, Varaždinska ulica 3a, Put Brda 13

Victa: Makarska ulica 26, Doverska 3, Hercegovačka 40, Velebitska 123, Jobova 3 Spinčićeva 2B, Vukovarska 178, Pojišanska 9 , Trondheimska 4d

Ribola: Put Meja 6, Gat Sv. Duje, Jobova 1, Plinarska 14, Ante Starčevića 26, Kneza Mislava 2, V.Krstulovića 5, Radnička 1, Vinkovačka 60, Ruđera Boškovića 10, Mosećka 93,

SPAR: Lička ulica 1-3, Poljička 2/1, Spinčićeva 2J

Studenac: Tomića stine 1, Bosanska 6, Teutina 1, Ćirila I Metoda 38, Hrvojeva 6, Poljana Kneza Trpimira 6, Tolstojeva 29, Hrvatske bratske zajednice 2, Mažuranićevo šetalište 1, Mažuranićevo šetalište 10, Kralja Zvonimira 85, Kralja Zvonimira 85, Put Firula 39, …

#4 Green market

Pazar (the Green Market) is the biggest open-air fruit and vegetable market in Croatia. The stands with fruits and vegetables, farm cheeses, dried meat and smoked hams hanging in kiosks, but also flowers, aromatic herbs, the homemade extra virgin olive oil … a great variety of colors and natural scents make this traditional market survive in spite of the modern organized distribution chains. The quality and the freshness of the products are much appreciated by the locals, despite slightly higher prices (all to be proved), but still quite convenient. Once, as still today, Pazar is the place where different profiles of the locals interlink, farmers and mountain dwellers who sell and the islanders and Splitians who buy. A scenography that very often provokes likeable tensions and funny situations.

Pazar, the green market of Split, open every day of the year, more or less until 1 to 2 pm, though there are always some stands & kiosks open all day long, mainly in spring and summer.

Other than stands with fruit and vegetables, bakeries, butchers and small stores with other kind of food, here at Pazar you will find also other "non food" retailers, selling a great variety of articles; from T-shirts, shoes, sportswear, beach towels, swimming equipment, flowers, souvenirs, etc.

The main green market is located in the city center, close to the Diocletian's palace, the promenade and the city harbour, therefore easily accesible and convenient for every kind of daily shopping.

Other green markets in Split

In some town districts there are smaller green markets with fruit and vegetable stands, a bakery and a butcher. In Spinut quarter the green market is located in Ulica Antuna Gustava Matoša 4 (Green Market Matoševa - Tržnica Matoševa, also known as "Mali Pazar" or "The small green market). In Skalice quarter, the small green market is located in Ulica Table 29. Other quarters in Split that have their own green market are: Sucidar, Pujanke and Split 3.

#5 Fish market

Peškarija is the traditional fish market of Split set in a lovely white stone building and at the open space in front of it. Perhaps, it is the only fish market in the world with no flies, thanks to the strong smell of the sulphurous waters that rise nearby.

The fish market in Split: Anchovies, mackerels, basses, lobsters, scampi, monkfishes, ... you will find them all here, in a small lively "popular theatre" with stands set up both inside and outside the building.

The fish market (#peskarija) is located in the old town (city center of Split), and therefore easily accessible, the best and the most convenient place to buy fresh fish and seafood. Address: Obrov ulica 5.

Other fish markets in Split

Other places recommended for buying fish and seafood are the small fish markets of "Gastro ribarnice Brac" chain. Locations and opening hours: VIII Mediteranskih Igara 9/1, Monday to Saturday: 07:00-20:00; Kneza Mislava 2 (Ribole supermarket), Mon-Fri : 08:00-15:00, Sat-Sun : 08:00-13:00; Vukovarska 148 b, Mon-Sat : 07:00-16:30; Mostarska 34,  Mon-Fri: 07:00-14:00, Sat: 07:00-12:00.

#6 Kiosks

Kiosks sell newspapapers, tobacco, beverages, snacks, chewings, bus tickets, parking tickets (some of them) ... you can find them easily as there are many of them all around the city, as well as in the old town.

In the city of Split, #kiosks are mainly of Tisak and Slobodna Dalmacija, though there are other private kiosks of different formats and varieties, selling almost the same category of articles.

#7 Bakeries & Butchers

The best places to buy fresh bread and fresh meat in Split are private bakeries (pekara) and butchers (mesnica). At the bakery's you can buy fresh bread but also tarts, pastries and cakes. The most known bakeries in Split are: Pekara Hrstić, Bobis (among the oldest in Split), Biškić, Babić, Keko and Prerada. Note also thet all the groceries also sell bread and baking goods and the quality is really at high level; among these, LIDL has probably the best bakery of all retailers.

If you want to buy and taste some really good meat, you should definitelly buy it at one of the butcher's stores. The taste and the smell of the meat you buy at the butchers is completely different and much better than those of the superstores and markets. Each Splitian has its favourite butcher and would recommend probably the one that is located in his or her quarter. Therefore, there is no specific butcher to recommend you; each one you choose will certainly have fresh and good meat.

#8 Souvenirs

There are many souvenir shops of all kinds in Split, mainly concentrated in the areas of the highest touristic traffic in the old town. The main areas for shopping souvenirs are: Dioklecijanova ulica (the antique Cardo Street, from Peristyle up to the Golden gate), the substructure halls of the Diocletian's palace (cellars, #dioklecijanovipodrumi) and the stands & small private stores all around the green market (#pazar, probably the best place if you are looking for a "low cost" souvenir).

The cellars of the Diocletian's palace with souvenir stands.

If you are looking for something more original, I would recommend one of the Hajduk Split articles, which you can find in Hajduk fan shops and other official stores.

Hajduk Fan Shop, Poljud Stadium, 8 Mediternaskih igara 2, Split

Hajduk Fan Shop, Split Ferry Port, Gat Sv.Duje 1, Split

Cro Fan Shop, City Center One (mall), Vukovarska 207, Split

Cro Fan Shop, Trogirska ulica 10 (city center), Split

#9 Tickets

Local bus tickets: The bus tickets for urban and suburban area of Split can be purchased at the official sale points: Bus ticket office: Address: Ulica Ivana Gundulića 33 (at the bus terminal Sukoišan) & at the kiosks of Tisak and/or Slobodna Dalmacija. See also the realtes post: Public transport in Split.

Bus tickets: The bus tickets for intercity rides can be purchased at the main bus terminal in Split (Autobusni kolodvor Split); address: Obala Kneza Domagoja 12 & online at Get By Bus: online bus tickets.

Ferry tickets of Jadrolinija agency (both, for ferries and catamaran speed lines), can be purchased in the city harbour, at the ferry terminal in Split: Jadrolinija tickets sale point; address: Gat Sv. Duje bb. & Gat. Sve. Petra.

The main ferry terminal in Split, Gat Sv. Duje bb

Catamaran tickets of Krilo agency (catamaran, speed line, only passengers) can be purchased in the city harbour (Gat Sv. Petra) and/or online at: Krilo (Kapetan Luka) website.

Parking tickets, depending on the parking lot, can be purchased at the exit from the parking, at the tickets machine (most common for the on street parkings on payment) and in some kiosks of Tisak and Slobodna Dalmacija.

Map of shopping in Split

On our map you can see the exact location of main shopping places in the city of Split and nearby: Map of shopping in Split

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