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Split walking Tour Croatia


On this tour you will discover the ruins of the former capital of Roman province of Dalmatia, the royal city of Salona, today no.1 archeological site in Croatia, the Fortress of Klis, one of the most valuable preserved examples of defensive architecture in Croatia & the Vranjaca cave, an impressive 100 meters deep underworld of stalactites, stalagaites and other natural shapes and decorations.


Salona, the ancient city and capital of Roman province of Dalmatia, is situated near today's town of Solin, about 5 km north from Split. Colonia Martia Iulia Salona, as was the full name of the ancient city, was an impressive inhabitation at the time, having all the carachteristics of the Roman towns: forum, theater, amphitheater, public baths and the aqueduct.


The main entrance to the city, Porta Cesarea, was located on the North-East side of the city walls, fortified later on with defensive towers during the reign of Roman emperor Augustus. On our tour you will see the best preserved parts of the Urbs vetus (the oldest part of the city): the eastern wall and Porta Caesarea with two octagonal towers and tree passages. 


The Amphitheatre, built in the 2nd century A.D., could have been occupied by almost 18.000 spectators, which made it one of the most impressive constructions in the Roman Dalmatia. The theater of gladiators fights and the site of Diocletian's persecutions of Christians has been almost completely demolished for strategic reasons by the Ventians in the 17th century, during the wars with the Turks. On our tour you will discover the remains of the amphitheatre substructures, some fragments of the architectural decorations and stone sculptures.


The City Thermae of Salona were almost the same as in all other Roman cities, an indispensable part of Roman civilization and urban life. On our tour you will see the remains of the best preserved and the largest bath, the Great City Thermae, probably built by the end of the 2nd century.


The royal town of Salona, that once had more than 60 000 inhabitants, was attacked and devastated by the tribes of Avars and Slavs in the early 7th century.


The Klis Fortress is a medieval fortress located at 360 meters altitude above the village of Klis, about 10 km North from the city of Split. Due to its strategic position controlling access to and from Bosnia, Dalmatia and Croatian hinterland, the fortress of Klis has been throughout history considered as one of the most important fortifications in entire region. 


Originaly built as a small stronghold by the ancient Illyrian tribe of Dalmatae, the fortress of Klis became a royal castle of many Croatian kings, being several times lost and reconquered during its more than 2.000 years long history.


The Klis Fortress is probaly best know for its defense against the Ottoman invasion of Europe in the early 16th century and the glorious resistance of Croatian Captain Petar Kruzic who withstand the Turkish siege of the fortress for more than two and a half decades.


Place of rich history and glorious battles, among which the one that took place in the 16th century preventing Ottomans for heading further in Western Europe, the Fortress of Klis is today better known as the place where the HBO "Game of Thrones" TV series was filmed in 2014.


On our tour we will take a insight into the fortress and its defensive towers, walls, military constructions, entrances and corridors and you will aslo have the opportunity to see the collection of the arms, armors and traditional uniforms.


Most of all, we will enjoy the great scenario and one of the most spectacular views and panoramas in entire region: Raised on a massive mountain rock and inaccesible from three sides, the fortress overlooks the city of Split, the ancient Salona and the modern city of Solin, cities of Kastela and Trogir and islands of Brac, Solta and Ciovo.


The Vranjaca cave, located underneath the mountain of Mosor, is one of the most important geomorphologic discoveries of the area. The cave is formed by two main halls: the first one inhabited in the Neolithic period and known throughout history and the second one, more impressive and decorative, discovered in the 1906 by the actual owners grandfather. The cave is 360 meters long and some 100 meters deep, the temperature is always 15 C and there are more than 200 stairs down and up, so please evaluate your endurance for this tour and wear sport shoes and clothes or at least a thin jacket.


What you will see will be an unforgetable experience: The Vranjaca cave is truly an amazing place, an impressive underworld of stalactites, stalagmites and other shapes and decorations, created by the underground river over thousands and thousands of years.


Join us on this tour and discover the amazing past, historical and natural evidences of these three incredible sites!

Please note


This is a private tour: only you and/or your group will be attending it, no other persons will be with you during this tour. Departure time and date as well as the pace of the tour can easily be adjusted according to your personal preferences.


Tour time: Approx. 6 h 




Upon agreement
Recommended departure time:
9 a.m.


Meeting point


Your personal driver and guide will meet you in front of your accommodation address, or at the closest possible point reachable by vehicle.


If you arrive with cruise ship, your personal driver and guide will meet you in the port area.

Additional information


We highly recommend you to provide yourself with refreshments (water) before the start of the tour as temperatures are almost always over 30 C during the high season (July and August). Comfortable walking shoes and clothes are also highly recommended. Drive from Split to Salona takes approx. 15 minutes, depending on traffic. From Salona to Klis the drive takes approx. 10 min. depending on traffic conditions; from Klis to Vranjaca cave there are approx. 25 minutes driving.



Included in the Price


VAT, licensed and experienced English speaking local guide, organization of the tour


Not Included in the Price


Car / mini van transfer with personal driver


Entrance tickets:


Vranjaca cave

adults 40 HRK - approx. 5,3 €, children 20 HRK - approx. 2,6 €



adults approx. 3 EUR / person;

children and students 1,5 EUR / person


Klis Fortress: 

adults approx. 5,3 EUR / person;

children 2 EUR / person


Food and beverages


Payments & Conditions

30% of the price upon reservation to secure your tour, balance in cash upon arrival, at the beginning of the tour. We accept cash payments in EUR or in HRK according to Croatian National Bank (HNB) exchange rate on the day of payment. Anticipation payment by bank transfer or Paypal (+10% of the anticipation cost).


attractions on this tour

On this tour you will see:


Klis Fortress: defensive towers, walls, military constructions, entrances and corridors, collection of the arms, armors and traditional uniforms, great view over Split and its surroundings


Salona: the remains of the capital of the ancient Roman province of Dalmatia: City walls, forum, amphiteathre, basilicas, temples, thermae, sewage system, the main gate "Porta Cesarea", ...


Vranjaca cave: stalactites, stalagmites and other decorative shapes.

more day trips from split including the klis fortress

Trogir & Salona & Klis
Tour time: Approx. 6 h
Prices: From 60 € / person

The best and the most you can see arround Split in more or less 6 hours tour. The Medieval town of Trogir, UNESCO world heritage site, the ruins of Salona, ancient capital of Dalmatia and the fortress of Klis, with amazing view over Split and surroundings.
Klis Fortress
Tour time: Approx. 2 h
Prices: From 20 € / person

Place of rich history and glorious battles, among which the one that took place in the 16th century, preventing Ottomans for heading further in Western Europe; today better known as the place where the "Game of Thrones" TV series was filmes in 2014.
Klis Fortress & Vranjaca
Tour time: approx. 4 h
Prices: From 40 € / person

Meanwhile the Klis fortress offers some of the most estoninshing views and panoramas of Split and its surroundings, the Vranjaca cave offers a completely different picture - an underground world of natural shapes built by nature itself over thousands of years.
Klis Fortress & Salona
Tour time: Approx. 4 h
Prices: From 45 € / person

Enjoy the great panorama over Split and its surroundings from the famous Medieval Klis fortress and take insight to the ruins of the former capital of Roman province of Dalmatia, the royal city of Salona, today no.1 archeological site in Croatia.
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