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Public transport in Split

All you need to know if you want to get around in Split with local buses.

The public transport in Split is operated by Promet public agency. At the bus stops you can find the indications only of the numbers of the lines but you will not be able to find the time schedule (you can see below, the paragrapf of the time schedule). Furthermore, once you get the bus, there are no indications of the bus stops inside the buses, so you will need to ask the driver where to get off for the bus stop of your interest. Moreover, as there is no clear time schedule for each bus stop, the buses are frequently late. Nevertheless, traveling by local buses is the most convenient way to move around in the city and in the suburban area of Split.


The local buses in Split are mainly yellow and you can easily recognize them. The fleet is still in the process of modernization and there are still lot of old buses operating, which means that not all the buses are equipped with the air conditioning (which makes a ride pretty uncomfortable during the summer time).

Promet Split local bus.

Bus tickets

The single bus tickets are valid only for a ride in one direction and can be used for travel in the same direction within a time limit from the validation: 45 minutes (Zone 1); 65 minutes (Zone 2), 85 minutes (Zone 3), 105 minutes (Zone 4).

Where to buy the bus tickets?

The single one way ticket can be purchased at the bus, from the driver, and it costs the same as purchased at the sale point; the payments are in kuna and in cash. If you need tickets for more than one ride, you need to buy them at one of the sale points (payments in kuna but in majority of sale points debit and credit cards are also accepted). Please note that when you buy tickets at the sale point, you need to show your ticket to the driver for the validation when you get the bus.

Bus tickets sale points

The bus tickets for one ride, 2 rides or a block of 5 & 10 rides can be purchased at the official sale points: Bus ticket office: Address: Ulica Ivana Gundulića 33 (at the bus terminal Sukoišan) & at the kiosk of Tisak and/or Slobodna Dalmacija (kiosks sell newspapapers, tobacco, beverages, snacks, chewings, ... you can find them easily as there are many of them all around the city, as well as in the old town.

Tisak kiosk, where you can buy bus tickets for local transport in Split.

Prices of the bus tickets in Split

A single one way ticket for a ride in the urban area of Split (Zone 1) costs 11 kn for adults (approx. 1,5 EUR). The price of tickets for other zones are indicated below. The tickets for children from 6 up to 10 years old cost the same for all the zones of the public network: 5 HRK (approx. 0,7 EUR). The local bus ride in all zones is free of charge for all children from 0 up to 6 years old. The supplement for the luggage is 5 HRK / piece of luggage.

Promet Split bus tickets prices.

Network of public transport in Split

The public transport network in Split is divided into 4 zones, including the city of Split and the surburaban area up to 30 km from the city: Zone 1 is related to the urban area of the city of Split; Zone 2 includes the city of Solin and villages of Stobrec, Podstrana and Klis; Zone 3 includes the city of Kastela and the village of Dugopolje; Zone 4 includes the cities of Trogir and Omis.

4 zones of the public transportation in Split.

Urban area network

The urban area network covers all the lines operating in and within the city area of Split - Zone 1.

The map of the Split urban area bus lines network.

Suburban area network

The suburban area of Split is covered by Zone 2, 3 and 4.

Suburban area of Split - bus lines.

The time schedule

The main problem with the time schedule of local buses in Split is that there are no clear indications of the schedule at the bus stops. At the bus stop you can see only the indication of the lines but you will be unable to find the time schedule. In order to know how often does the bus pass at the bus stop of your interest, you need to download the time schedule of the line you are looking into and see the frequency of the departures from the first station of the line. Here, you can download the time schedule of all the bus lines in Split area: Promet all lines schedule

The main bus stations in Split

In the city center of Split there are 5 main bus stations / stops:

HNK (Hrvatsko Narodno Kazalište): the bus station is located in the city center of Split, close to the Croatian National Theatre (HNK); address Kazališna poljana BB.

Tržnica (Green Market): the bus station is located next to the green market (bazar), address: at the end of Zagrebačka ulica, closest possible to the city port if you take a look at the map of Split. Please note that there are 2 bus stops, one in front of the other, accross the street, so you need to check carefully in which direction you are moving to.

Riva (Promenade): at the Western side of the promenade, in front of the church of St. Francis; the bus stop is called Sv.Frane (St. Francis); address: Trg Franje Tuđmana 1

Općina (City administration): address of the bus stop, approx. at Ulica Domovinskog rata 5. Please note that there are 2 bus stops, one in front of the other, accross the street, so you need to check carefully in which direction you are moving to.

Trajektna luka: in the harbour of Split (Trajektna luka), next to the main bus terminal and the main train station

The main bus station (bus terminal) for suburban lines is called Bus terminal Sukoišan and it is located approx. 1 km from the city center of Split: address Lička ulica - the sale point is attached to the terminal, address: Ulica Ivana Gundulića 33.

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