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Top 10 day trips from Split

The best trips and excursions from Split for a whole day activity.

#1 Zlatni rat, Bol

The Golden Horn beach, #zlatnirat, is the best beach in Croatia: 500 meters long pebble tongue that frequently changes its shape due to winds, waves and sea currents is the best place to completely enjoy sun & sea, windsurfing, jet skiing and other water sport activities.

Zlatni rat beach, Bol, island of Brac.

How to travel from Split to Zlatni rat beach?

#2 Komiža & Modra špilja

#Komiza, according to majority of locals, is the most authentic Dalmatian village. Small narrow streets, stone houses, fishermen's harbour and many great traditional restaurants for a fantastic seafood feast!

Komiza, island of Vis

The Blue Cave, #modraspilja, is one of the top attractions in Croatia. Modra spilja is a sea cave located on the eastern side of the small island of Biševo, about 4.5 n.m. from the village of Komiza.

Modra špilja, the colourful Blue cave on the island of Biševo.

How to travel to Komiza?

#3 Hvar

The town of #Hvar, located on the South-western side of the homonymous island, is one of the top summer destinations in Europe. An authentic Dalmatian old town, one of the most beautiful squares in Croatia, crystal blue sea water, great variety of places for fine dining and a spectacular view from the fortress of Fortica.

A great panorama from Spagnola fort (fortress of Fortica): the red roofs of the old town, a part of the defensive walls, city port & fishermen's harbour, archipelago of Paklinski islands.

How to travel to Hvar?

#4 Krka National Park

My favourite day trip from Split. Relaxing and interesting, #krkanationalpark tour offers a great number of places to visit, panoramic views to enjoy and things you absolutely shouldn't miss to do on this trip. Less than 1 h 30 minutes ride from Split you will discover an amazing beauty of the nature.

Skradinski buk waterfall, the "eternal water" of Krka river. Don't miss to swim in the river in front of the waterfall, it is one of the life experiences you will always remember!

How to arrive at Krka National Park?

#5 Šibenik

The oldest native Croatian town, #Sibenik, is a real small gem all to discover and enjoy: 2 UNESCO world heritage sites; St. James cathedral and St. Nicholas fortress, other 3 fortifications with magnificent views of the city and the sea channel (St. Michael's, St.John's and Subicevac); narrow streets and mysterious hidden corners; numerous palaces, small squares and innumerable churches; lovely promenade ... and luganiga, authentic, aromatic small sausages traditionally made only in Sibenik, grilled, boiled or in the soup, whatever, it will make you fall in love with this city!

St. James cathedral in Sibenik, UNESCO world heritage site.

How to travel to Sibenik?

#6 Omiš & Cetina canyon

The breathtaking views, immense beauty of nature and picturesque small town of #omis, a great day trip from Split you will certainly love! The keywords to describe it: scenic sandy city beach (among the most beautiful ones in Dalmatia), the city of pirates ( extinguished nowadays so no worries, you are 100% safe here), the mysterious "house of the happy man", capital of "klapa", traditional Dalmatian a cappella singing, medieval fortifications, old mills, ancient myths and legends, fantastic panoramas, great food ... everything that is required for a perfect excursion combining a little bit to see, a few things more to visit and much of the time simply to enjoy and taste!

A great view of Cetina river canyon and mountains surrounding the city of Omis; in front, the island of Brac, in the middle, statute of Mila Gojsalic, the "Croatian Jeanne D'Arc".

How to travel to Omis?

#7 Zadar

The city with the most beautiful sunset in the World! Itself, it should be enough to invite you to visit the city of Zadar, less than 2 hours by car from Split. But Zadar is much more than a sunset (though that one is really inspiring, otherwise who knows where Alfred Hitchcock would have stayed elsewhere): magnificent Roman forum and the church of St.Donat, the cathedral of St. Anastasia, charming Kalelarga (the main city street); and "morske orgulje" & "pozdrav suncu", two modern public installations, simply delighting and impressing! The Sea organ (#morskeorgulje) is a kind of mysterious music instrument, a block of marble stones that provides sound from the sea waves meanwhile the Greeting to the Sun (#pozdravsuncu) is a powerful representation of solar system, producing a show of light, color and shapes.

Pozdrav suncu, Greeting to the Sun and fantastic sunset, a must see attraction and a must do experience on your trip to Zadar.

How to travel to Zadar?

#8 Trogir

The "small Venice", as it is also frequently called, the old town of Trogir is UNESCO World heritage site. A great concentration of masterpieces of art & architecture in a rather small space and the vicinity of Split, makes #Trogir one of the most popular half day trips from Split. In more or less 2 hours of walking, you can basically see and visit the most interesting attractions in the old town: the main town square, the cathedral of St.Lawrence, city hall, town loggia, city gates, the promenade, the tower of St. Marc and the most famous, Kamerlengo fortress (the entrance ticket price is certainly worth the view you will discover from the fort's wall). Other than by car or by bus, Trogir can also be reached by boat from Split, which makes this trip even more interesting, as it allows you to enjoy some great panoramas of Split and its surroundings, from the sea.

The old town of Trogir, UNESCO World heritage site; a small island separated by a channel from the shore and connected with the bridge to the nearby island of Ciovo.

How to travel to Trogir?

#9 Plitvice lakes

An amazing beauty of the nature. Plitvice national park, the first Croatian national park to be awarded UNESCO World heritage site, is one of the most beautiful and spectacular natural parks in Europe. The main attractions of the park are 16 cascade lakes (Upper lakes and Lower lakes) and the big waterfall. This trip is quite demanding as it takes at least 3 hours by car from Split to arrive at the park and it requires more energy and rather good shape to move around inside it. Plitvice lakes is a unique wonder of nature and it is definitively worth the effort, however, a private trip from Split is recommended, to save time and energy, and most of all, to manage seeing in one day the most interesting attractions in the park.

Plitvice lakes national park, the waterfalls and the wooden paths to move around in the park.

How to travel to Plitvice lakes National Park?

#10 Dubrovnik

The "pearl of Adriatic", #Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities in the World. The old town of Dubrovnik is a real gem of architecture, UNESCO protected World heritage site. The visit of Dubrovnik definitely requires more than just a day, nevertheless, with some effort and good planning of the trip, you will be able to see, visit, experience and enjoy Dubrovnik even in a short period of time. Early departure from Split is certainly recommended as it takes approx. 3-4 hours to arrive by car, depending on traffic conditions. Once you are there, just don't miss: walking around the city walls, along Stradun (the main city street), lose yourself walking up and down the narrow town streets, have a drink in one of the bars on the southern side of the fort (with a great and relaxing sea view), swim underneath the defensive city walls & take the cable car up to the peak of Srđ hill, from which you will enjoy one of the best panoramas in Croatia!

A great view of Dubrovnik old town, UNESCO world heritage site: defensive town walls, city fortifications, red roofs of the old stone houses, small fishermen's harbour & crystal limpid waters of Adriatic sea.

How to travel to Dubrovnik?

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