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How to travel from Split to Solin?

Solin is a small city located on North of Split, about 7 km from the city center of Split. There are two ways to arrive in Solin: by car and / or by local bus.

The antique ruins of Salona, the most important archeological site in Croatia, located in the city of Solin.

Traveling from Split to Solin by car

The easiest way to travel from Split to Solin is to take the exit from the town, following the indications for the highway A1. When you exit Split, follow the road towards Solin - instead of taking the exit to the highway, proceed straight to Solin - after passing the bridge, turn right to the city center. The journey from the center of Split to the center of Solin is about 15-20 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Traveling from Split to Solin by taxi or in private transfer?

Taxi from Split to Solin is not recommended; the price of the taxi ride can not be estimated and they usually charge more than it is usually due for this journey. If you have no other possibilities and if you need to take the taxi, be sure to arrange the price of the ride before taking the drive, or, if you can choose which taxi service to take, I would recommend Uber or Green taxi services. Private transfer is the best; the most reliable and the fastest way to get from Split to Solin (or Salona ruins archeological site). In collaboration with local transfer agencies, I can arrange you the private transfer from any pick up point in Split, directly to Salona. The price of the transfer is 30 EURO in one direction (car transfer for up to 4 persons); 45 EURO (mini van transfer for 5 up to 8 persons). You can book your transfer sending me your e-mail enquiry at: If you are planing a trip from Split to Salona, take a look at our private tour transfer from Split to Salona (tour time approx. 2 hours, price 60 EUR for up to 4 persons, 90 EUR for 5 up to 8 persons, with professional driver).

Traveling from Split to Solin by local bus

From Split to Solin there are numerous and frequent lines: lines 1, 5, 5A, 10, 16 and 22. There are two main bus stops of these lines that are located in the city center of Split: the bus stop HNK and the bus stop Tržnica.

Departing from the bus stop HNK (Hrvatsko Narodno Kazalište - Croatian National theatre): the bus station is located close to the theatre, address: Kazalisna poljana BB. Lines departing from HNK to Solin: 1, 5, 5A, 16 and 22.

Departing from the bus stop Tržnica (Trznica is the Green market or bazar), the bus station is located near the green market, at the end of Zagrebačka ulica (closest possible to Trajektna luka Split -City Port, if you take a look at the map). Lines departing from Trznica to Solin: 5, 5A and 10.

Ticket cost (valid for all local bus lines)

Solin is located in zone 2 of the local public transport. The ticket cost is 13 HRK for adults (approx. 1,7 EUR / person); 5 HRK for children (6-10 years old). The return ticket cost is 22 HRK (approx. 2,9 EUR). The single one way ticket can be purchased at the bus, from the driver, payments are strictly in kuna and the price is the same as for buying it at the sale point. If you need tickets for more than one ride, you need to buy them at one of the sale points (payments in kuna but in majority of sale points debit and credit cards are also accepted). Please note that when you buy tickets at the sale point, you need to show your ticket to the driver for the validation when you get the bus.

Bus tickets sale points

The bus tickets for one ride, 2 rides or a block of 5 & 10 rides can be purchased at the official sale points: Bus ticket office: Address: Ulica Ivana Gundulića 33 (at the bus terminal Sukoišan) & at the kiosk of Tisak and/or Slobodna Dalmacija (kiosks sell newspapapers, tobacco, beverages, snacks, chewings, ... you can find them easily as there are many of them all around the city, as well as in the old town.This is the most convenient way to travel from the city center of Split to Solin, and viceversa.

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Visiting Solin (Salona ruins) - private tours from Split

If you wish to visit Salona with a professional local guide, take a look at what Tanja has to offer you for a private trip from Split to Salona: Tanja's Salona tour from Split.

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